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My submission to OST Composing Jam 4.  It's the soundtrack to a story-based RPG about running away to become a magician. Thanks for checking me out! :D

My soundtrack is also available here on SoundCloud. I created this music using Musescore 3.

Welcome, Buddy is the start menu theme. It's a generally happy story; I want it to be a happy song, and a little reflective.

Hallways Full of Randos is for wandering around your new home and chilling in new places--unfamiliar grocery stores, churches on weekdays, and other places you might hang out if you didn't have obligations and wanted to explore.

It's Confusing out Here is for times when something bad has happened. Maybe you're lonely, homesick, or embarrassed because you messed up. (Lots of opportunities to mess up if you've run off.)

Big World is mostly for hearing folklore about the world--a lot of it centers around the magicians who made the city. I want it to contain some sadness without being a downer; the world used to be a lot nicer than it is in the game.

My game has an epilogue; I thought I might play the end theme then as well as during the credits.


Soundtrack Audio 5.5 MB
Sheet Music 212 kB

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